rabbit&wolf creates safe, nurturing spaces for new and on-the-rise poets to incubate their bravery and connect with each other in our mapley-sweet poetry community.


joy launched rabbit&wolf in october 2022 having a strong hunger for something in central vermont dedicated to the craft, and hearing the grumbling for it in the bellies of poets around her.    

currently, there is a formal poetry reading series at The Front Gallery in Montpelier, a monthly Queer Poetry Open Mic Night at Fox Market & Bar, and pop-ups popping up all around.

to be notified of these readings and other events, or to inquire about being a featured poet, join the mailing list!

why rabbit&wolf?

“proving that hasty and impulsive decisions are sometimes the best ones, rabbit&wolf came from a need for a last minute host name for a quickly planned first event. it was originally the title for a poem in my archives, but was later found to be an ongoing theme in a lot of my work. don’t we all have a timid rabbit and a hungry wolf lurking about inside us? i like to investigate how, when, and why they emerge.”

-  c. joy, poet and founder

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